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What's Fantik all about?

Fantik is a Decentralized NFT Marketplace where Fans and Creators can collect, connect and play in a full onchain experience.

Fantik's mission

Make every fan count

Collect, trade, and display your beautiful digital collectibles.

Support your favorite club, athlete, artist, or musician with every NFT you buy or trade.

Get rewarded for being an active fan.

Deepen your fan experience by finding and supporting new, upcoming talent.

Support the creator's economy

We support Sport CLUBS in their efforts of building essential local communities.

Join us as a sport club to boost and monetize your fan and sponsor engagement at no costs.

Allow talented ATHLETES to become creators and increase their fan engagement on and off the court.

Join us as an athlete to boost and monetize your fan engagement at no costs.

Allow talented ARTISTS and MUSICIANS to express their love for sports.

Join us as an artist or musician to create beautiful memorable sports moments as well as your very own NFT collections.

Fantik's values


Not a crypto expert yet? No worries, we provide a smooth user experience through which you'll be able to simply buy your NFTs by credit card. If you do have a wallet, you can of course also pay with crypto.


We're not just in it for the hype. Unlike other solutions, we are building sustainable models that provide true added value.


We believe in blending sports and art and are thus collaborating with amazing artists and musicians who share our vision.


Each FANTIK drop will include a certain portion of the proceeds to be donated to a good cause related to the drop.

In short, FANTIK's mission is to blend sports and art by enabling athletes and sports clubs to join the creator economy where they'll collaborate with artists to further engage with their fans.

The Fantik road

First drops in Q2 2022

The FANTIK road will start with a first drop of rare collectibles with one of our pioneer basketball clubs. Get ready to support your club and win exclusive prices and unforgettable experiences!

An amazing "royal drop" with our talented partner artist Jacques Schneider will be the other highlight for this second quarter of the year.

Stay tuned for more info on these first drops by joining the waitlist!

Drops with Athletes

We will collaborate with some amazing athletes who share our values for special drops and offer you beautiful collectibles, hand-drawn by our partner artists to own your moments in sports history.

Drops with Clubs

We partner up with sports clubs and work with our partner artists to offer you unique drops allowing you to collect, connect and play!

Drops with Artists & Musicians

Add some stunning artistic NFTs to your collection as we will collaborate with some very talented artists and musicians and allow them to create and showcase their very own NFT collections on our marketplace.

Virtual Game

Not only can you collect and trade beautiful player cards, but you’ll also be able to use those in our future virtual game in which you’ll call the shots, improve your ranking, and win exclusive prices.

virtual game