Fantik - NFTs as simple as ABCs

It’s been a busy few months at FANTIK since the launch preparations of our NFT marketplace. We’ve been heads-down focused on creating memorable, digital experiences for you, the Fans community. We’ve shored up our infrastructure and lined up more top artists, brands, clubs & athletes. We’ve got a lot of new projects and partnerships coming your way...

We’ve got an exciting vision for the rest of the year. FANTIK is a place where anyone can have fun collecting, sharing and engaging with NFTs, and our forthcoming collabs expand the possibilities of NFTs for even more fan engagement.

Aside from the events and big name drops, we’re putting a lot of resources into beefing up the platform, both on the infrastructure and feature side. We’re dedicated to making the FANTIK experience seamless moving forward.

As our product evolves, our goals remain top of mind:

  • Keep it fun and easy to use
  • Community-First
  • Build NFTs with long lasting value
  • Partner with brands, artists, athletes and clubs


The next most frequently requested feature is for a user to be able to move their NFT off platform. Some users would like to move their NFT to Ethereum since their markets are more robust.

The FANTIK platform is unique in that we’re building on top of Polygone a sidechain to Ethereum. We’re doing this for several reasons:

  • It’s energy efficient. The Polygone ecosystem is over 95% more energy efficient than mainnet Ethereum.
  • Transactions are virtually free. Because it’s a side-chain, users within the Polygon ecosystem (previously Matic) will benefit from super low gas fees.

So soon you will be able to transfer those on server NFTs to your decentralized wallets such as metamask, rainbow, coinbase wallet and so on...

It’s a high priority for us. As soon as we have an expected delivery time, we’ll communicate it. In the meantime, we are working on making transacting seamless on FANTIK with easy to use payment solutions and where we simply accept euro and dollar.

Stay tuned. We’ve got a lot more to announce in the coming months!

What about the NBN23 partnership?

Which NFTs matter the most? Right, of the people you love, follow, root for. They don’t all play in the NBA or EuroLeague. They might play somewhere where until now you couldn’t get official & easy to acquire NFTs…

Thanks to the FANTIK partnership with #Swish from NBN23 you can buy all NFTs from grassroots/amateur basketball leagues that matter to you.

You will be able to use a Visa card to directly buy your Swish NFTs at FANTIK AND for the more advanced amongst you, you can also soon connect your MetaMask or Rainbow Wallet where we will allow transactions using the Polygon Technology & Ethereum blockchains.

NFTs as simple as ABCs

Fantik & NBN23 - We play the value game