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The club was founded in 1967 under the name of Fléron Basket Club. The club goes up in 2nd Provincial, then in 1st Provincial respectively in 1977 and 1981. In 1983 the club took a step which marked its history by entering division 4 and therefore evolving into a national division.

Thereafter, over the years, the club goes up divisions and finds itself in 1998 in division 2, that is to say a division of the professional championship. Fléron BC decides to merge in 2000 with other big clubs in the region, namely BC Hannut and Essor Hannut being on the other side of the province, the club relocates to the burning city and is then renamed Liège Basket. It was then that the club managed to climb to Division 1 thereafter.

Since 2000: The current club evolves in division1 and thus becomes professional. The first good results are not long in coming. In 2001, Liège Basket finished seventh, remained in the top flight and even reached the play-offs. The club will qualify for the Korać Cup.

2004 was a year to mark with a milestone for Liège Basket, since the club managed to finish third in the Belgian Championship but above all because the club was crowned winner of the Belgian Cup for the first time in its history. That same year, Belgacom Liège Basket also won its first Belgian Supercup to the detriment of Spirou Basket. Subsequently, the club had a few good seasons such as the 2009/2010 financial year, where Liège finished first in the regular season.

Since 2018 and in a somewhat complicated context, Liège has been trying to revive itself, to clear the debts of the past and to find a new dynamic, in particular with the training of young people and the desire to play with as many Belgian players as possible!

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