#1/1 RSW Liège Basket Logo - Legendary


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RSW Liège Basket Limited Launch Collection


RSW Liège basketball club

Release date

04-05-2022 18:00


€ 250,00


Artist Florence Kaspar’s passion is triggered from her love for fauna and flora and triggers she encounters during her travels. In her art you will mainly find the finest line work combined with colourful exploding watercolours, that do not remain within their lines and lead their own vibrant life, not bound by borders.

“Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere”

If this matches your vibe, her art and NFTs will be something for you.

Instagram: Fleauzart

website: www.fleauzart.com

Holder privileges

  • Meet and greet with the team
  • Physical art piece by Florence Kaspar
  • Privileged Access to future drops
  • Discounts on future drops